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A vampire is a human or non-human entity that is skilled in stealing the life from another entity. A vampire is most often portrayed as a demonic creature that draws the blood from humans. Blood is easily the most primal and cross-cultural symbol of life energy in which many believe is needed to keep the vampire's undead body alive. This type of vampire is traditionally said to be burnt by the sun or at least weakened by it. It'll usually need a coffin or a dark area to sleep in while the sun is up and my appear dead buring this time. The vampire can either come into existence by exchanging blood with another vampire or being born as one(Lamia). Vampires can be killed using a wooden stake through the heart, beheading, or exposure to sunlight.
Another type of vampire is the psychic vampire. This kind of vampire drains its victims of psychic energy in order to live. Most often, the psychic vampire is unaware of its condition and continues to harm thous around it without seeking help. This vampire is basically human and can be killed just as easily. You're only defence against one are spells that ward off its negative engergy.

There are a few legends where the vampire doesn't need to kill to survive and mostly just finds the act of killing to increase the power or sence of supiriority of the vampire. The vampires who don't kill to survive can feed off both humans and animals, depending on the preference and morals of the vampire. This type of vampire is becoming increasingly popular as the hero of vampire books and movies.
There is a different type of vampirism making its way into society. Many people now take to blood letting as a way of life. They have a stereotype of being blood-crazed and gothic, but this is not always true. Practiced vampirism is an emotional release, an intimate experience for the vampire and the donor. It's usually pretty safe as long as they are careful to use clean instruments, not to cut anywhere too vital, and to not share blood with just anyone. I'm stying to find more information for this site since a lot of people have trouble understanding such a way of life.

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